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His project in Physics, Underwater Robot under the supervision of his teacher, Janice Enrico which investigated on what angle of the motors the robot go fastest gained an outstanding award from the Office of Naval Research. Frisby and the other students Madelyn Frisby, Luigi Salcedo and Homaro Cornejo placed first in the school fair that qualified them for the AzSEF. They were accompanied by Gina Salcedo, the school science fair coordinator. (Gina Salcedo)


Matthew Frisby, a 7th Grade student of Omega Alpha Academy recently won a Naval Science Award during the Arizona Science and Engineering Fair 2015 held in Phoenix Convention Center, Phoenix, Arizona last April 7-9, 2015. Frisby was just one of three students from OAA and one of thousand students from the whole state of Arizona who went to the fair. This was his and the school’s first time to join such event. 

AzSEF 2015: 

Matthew Frisby earns the Naval Science Award

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