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Ms. Garcia - Fifth Grade Teacher

It is a privilege to work for a marvelous organization such as Omega Alpha Academy. Not only have I grown spiritually, I have grown mentally, I have grown academically in exponential terms. The growth I have experienced is attributable to many facets. Primarily, it is due to Professional Development, teacher empowerment, and simply human talent management.

Because of the honor I have to work with this institution, I have been blessed with two not one, but two perfect 4.0 classroom walkthrough evaluations from representative of the Arizona Department of Education. Because I have been blessed with that opportunity I have been able to impart these vast conceptual concepts with all the children who have been fortunate to pass through my doors. The first 4.0 that I received was a very humbling point in my life. It has taught me that through arduous work, rigor, you can attain these scores, and I am living proof of that.

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