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Ms. Valenzuela - Special Education Coordinator 

Mrs. Valenzuela has been in education and related fields for 13 years.   Mrs. Valenzuela unlocked her true passion and calling as an educator and discovered her forte was in the area of Special Education.  As the Coordinator of Special Education, Mrs. Valenzuela supports the daily work of teachers through the lens of Special Education and also helps oversee Professional Development as an honored member of Omega Alpha Academy’s Instructional Leadership Team.

Her goals include, but are not limited to: continuing compliance with all state and federal special education indicators, implementation of K-12 inclusionary practices, making data-driven and best practice decisions to maximize student learning, and building relationships with parents and community members to better the Special Education Department at Omega Alpha Academy. 

She is also responsible for the leadership of the Special Services Department which serves special needs students and their families, making sure that high quality specialized support services are in place to maximize educational and behavioral outcomes.

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