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Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace Policy

Omega Alpha Academy has a vital interest in maintaining a safe, healthful and efficient environment.

The school is committed to maintaining an alcohol and drug free workplace. Alcohol and illegal drugs use pose and serious threat to workplace safety, health and productivity. Students, faculty and staff who use illegal drugs or abuse alcohol or prescription drugs present a danger to themselves, others students/employees, visitors and guests and to our property.


Therefore, Omega Alpha Academy has established an Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace Policy. Below is a summary of the policy. Compliance with the policy is a condition of continued employment with Omega Alpha Academy.

Key provisions of the Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace Policy include:


Prohibited activities

  • Using possessing, transferring, accepting, soliciting, selling, or purchasing illegal drugs, including use of medical marijuana under state programs.

  • Using a prescription drug without a valid prescription for the drug, unless a valid medical explanation is approved by a Medical Review Officer.

  • Using any drugs acquired from a source outside the U.S. without a valid prescription if a valid prescription would be required to obtain the drug in the U.S.

  • Using a prescription drug in excess of the prescribed amount, for any condition other than the condition for which the drug was prescribed, or for failing to follow the prescribed instructions for using the drug.

  • Unlawfully soliciting prescription drugs from or distributing prescription drugs to any other person or group of persons.

  • Reporting to work under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol.

  • Drinking alcohol or possessing an open container of alcohol during a scheduled work shift.

  • Selling, transferring, purchasing, or accepting alcohol for the purpose of consuming it on Omega Alpha Academy property. 


As permitted by state law, Omega Alpha Academy has the authority to conduct drug/alcohol test of employees, when suspected of violating the policy and when involved in an accident or injury at work.


As permitted by state law, an employee who fails a drug/alcohol test, refuses to submit to a drug/alcohol test after being notified a test is required, admits to or is proven to have adulterated/substituted his/her specimen, or engages in any prohibited activity as defined in the policy will be terminated and will no be eligible for rehire. Where state law allows the positive results of a drug screen following an injury at work, or an associate's refusal to submit to a drug screen following and injury at work, may affect his/her eligibility for workers compensation benefits. 


Unless prohibited by state law, any Omega Alpha Academy employee who is convicted under any criminal drug statute, or who fails to notify the school of any arrest or conviction under a criminal drug statute within 3 days will be terminated.




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