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Response to Intervention (RTI)

Response to Intervention (RTI) is a methodology in early identification and support of students with learning and behavior needs. Struggling learners are provided with interventions at increasing levels of intensity to accelerate their rate of learning. Progress is closely monitored to assess both the learning rate and level of performance of individual students. (National Center for Learning Disabilities)


At Omega Alpha Academy, RTI is done everyday in Elementary, Middle School as well as High School respectively. Students who are not making adequate progress in the regular classrooms are given interventions corresponding with data obtained from internal and external assessments. 

Omega Alpha Academy integrates the LOTI Evaluation tool to maximize teachers' effectiveness and bring the H.E.A.T. within classrooms. 

Professional Learning Community (PLC)

Omega Alpha Academy takes pride with its Professional Learning Community (PLC) model. Elementary, Middle School and High School practices this concept to create a uniform approach to teaching, improve student learning and reflect on data from summative assessments. 


Academic Matters such as G.A. Scales, Common Core Standards, Innovative Teaching Strategies employed in the classrooms, suggestions and opinions on how to improve teaching delivery are being discussed in these meetings. 

Below are links for online resources according to subjects:

Additional Online Resources:


PBS KIDS - An educational online web resource that features interactive quizzes, activities, worksheets and other printables teachers can use in their classrooms.  

Starfall - An educational website that teaches children from preschoolers to 2nd graders about basic reading and writing skills.

Discovery Education - An interactive website that foster students engagement to classroom activities with a variety of interactive games, content and other resources to help students learn while having fun.

Khan Academy - a nonprofit organization that provides online resources ranging from Elementary subject topics to High School.

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